Infanzia al Peperoncino - Bananas (05HP)

Infanzia al Peperoncino

Infanzia al Peperoncino - Bananas (05HP)

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Printed on Giclée Hahnemühle Pearl

Limited print run of 20 for the small edition (28x40cm) and 10 for the larger (59x83cm)

Infanzia has wholeheartedly embraced the conventional still life form. We asked if the if there was a subset of art tropes they are interested in, we got these gorgeous, tangentially emotional designs back. We also go these quotes:

“Among our articles of lazy hardware, I recommend the faucet that stops dripping when no one is listening to it.” Macel Duchamp
"Banana's are Go!" Infanzia al Peperoncino